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Reviews : 342
Lila Levine
20 Jan 2018

I am quite pleased with your service. ***** has been a great help to me.

18 Jan 2018

Thank you for your professional service. My computer is working find now.

Karen Reinke
12 Jan 2018

All is working well here & thank you for the scam notifications.

Murray A McDowall
11 Jan 2018

Everything is OK at this time.

Mary Ann Clark
05 Jan 2018

My computer is working well, thanks to you. I appreciate your emails and notificacations.

dennis c smith
25 Dec 2017

So far I haven't notice any difference. I'm watching my credit score and accounts/ Your agent was good and seem to know his stuff. thank you for your service.

22 Dec 2017

The Newlite representative was very knowledgeable and corrected the problem I had. Very polite and courteous.

Carl Szathmary
21 Dec 2017

Every thing is working fine . Thanks again for your help.

Randolph M. Hall, M.D., and Karina M. Hall
21 Dec 2017

***** has once again done a wonderful service for us. As he requested, we have submitted a written evaluation to the source he indicated. Thank you, once again!

Pete Davies
20 Dec 2017

For all I use the laptop it is satisfactory I am not a tacky Greek I am not addictive by nature but I am glad you fixed some of the problems and I feel good that my computer will be safe for few years. Chow for now.